Thursday, 1 March 2012

Diolch Aneurin Project

Diolch Aneurin Project, Kathryn Ashill 2012

This St. David's Day I have turned my attentions to the Welsh founder of the NHS; Aneurin Bevan. As changes to reform the National Health Service are being considered through the House of Lords and the Commons, it seems fitting to offer a tribute to one of my political idols.

Convinced of ideas of Socialism, and having first hand experience of poverty and disease, Aneurin left his hometown of Tredegar and became one of the most important ministers of the post-war Labour government. In 1945, Bevan was appointed Health Minister. On July 5th 1948 the National Health Service was born, offering free medical assistance to all in the United Kingdom.

Diolch Aneurin Project (Thank You Aneurin Project) 2012
On the day that we remember the patron St of Wales, I would like to also remember the patron St of British Health. Please follow my blog for today as I attempt to honour Aneurin Bevan through rituals and traditional Welsh costume.

Dydd Gwŷl Dewi hapus i bawb! (Happy St. David's day to all!)


  1. Where will you be wearing your costume, Kathryn?

    1. In Chapter Arts Centre until 3pm, then around town after that, and I will keep it on throughout the evening as I socialise with friends.