Thursday, 24 May 2012

Month of May

As usual, my month of May has been crammed with art activity. I am currently preparing myself for one of my biggest projects of 2012: Adain Avion. For this I am exploring the deeprooted Swansea history of Cockling, and will be showing my new artwork in the wingless plane on June 26th 2012. It has been an honour to be commissioned by curator Marc Rees and to work alongside him and his team for the Welsh Cultural Olympiad. Who would have thought that the Olympics would effect me in any way?! I am adverse to sports!
I have just returned from Swansea where I went to see the open studio event of artist Sam Hasler at the Mission Gallery. Sam is currently artist in residence at one of my favourite galleries. Every Weirdo is on My Wavelength was an intimate event where Sam invited us to read his new written work, see his drawing, painting and overall work in progress. This was an intimate and unpolished event, and the audience were really moved by the intense reading. It was good to see the space in a low key manner, as the Mission is known for it's highly finished and produced exhibitions. Sam has been selected to represent the Mission Gallery for the Adain Avion project and his slot in the plane is before mine. Come and see!
We kicked off the second instalment of Tooth&Clawr on the 16th of this month. The event was really well attended and sold out again! Myself and Phil Owen are delighted that so many interesting and thoughtful people wish to discuss the exhibition programme in depth. There is more detail on the discussion on the Tooth&Clawr blog. I cant wait for the next one!
June is going to be a hectic month for me and my practice. It kicks off with the Jubilee and an installation I will be making at Chapter of my Royalist Memorabilia collection. It is my own personal Museum of chintzy Royalist mugs, scarfs, trays, ashtrays, plates, posters and books. It is highly Taboo to be a Welsh speaking Royalist and I hope to address this conflict of National Identity. I will also be doing a bunting workshop at the gallery for the OH so Jubilee event on June 2nd. Then comes Adain Avion. After that I will be working on Delaine La Bass' exhibition in the old Library, Cardiff (cant wait for this!). I am then off to Berlin, Documenta and Hamburg to visit artist's and to consume as much artwork as possible! Ill keep you posted.