Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Culture Acid Test writes about 'For Future Reference...'

Kathryn Ashill is a Cardiff based performance artist who has been showing work in the public realm since 2006. Her work often makes interventions into the landscape drawing in spectators who frequently become participants. She then work’s with filmmakers and photographers to document the frequently site specific, personal action making, in an attempt to reinterpret and re-present the performance. Her current work focuses on the narrative of her personal history and future.
Next month she will be bringing a performance to Bristol for the exhibition ‘There’s No Time. We Made it Up’. This is part of her ongoing project ‘For Future Reference…’ which started in October 2007 when Kathryn visited a psychic in New York. The reading was unforgiving, the psychic told her she would never have children, and the experience intrigued and affected her so much that it was a catalyst for a body of work that is still in progress. On returning from NYC she began to visit psychics more regularly, a practice which became draining both financially and psychologically. However, she has continued to produce work exploring the complicated relationship between our present and future lives. She is fascinated by all aspects of the Fortune Teller’s trade, which differ widely depending which side of the Atlantic you are on. The American variety often draw in customers with neon lights touting their trade. The seemingly intimate spaces they work in are negated by the presence of small windows, which allow passers by to peer in and observe the readings. Ashill received a range of readings, most of which conflicted, however there were moments when their accuracy seemed uncanny. It was these moments and the Fortune Tellers easy confidence in predicting awful things, a confidence that draws you in and demands your belief, which forms their allure. Ashill is interested in this confidence and certainty of their intense statements which mingled with the desire of the customers to have insight into their future fates creates a complicated partnership. Recently whilst undertaking a residency at Flux Factory in Queens, NYC, she returned to the original psychic. “I don’t know if she recognised me but she opened the door to me when the place was shut. I cut my hair short, back to the length it was when I visited in 2007” said Ashill. The performance which will take place on the 10th May at the Looking Glass is the most recent part of this ongoing project. Her current work ‘Palm Project’ invites the audience to become a fortune teller for the day. They are invited in to her Fortune Teller’s booth to read her palm and predict her future. The event is open to the public and a short film will be made of the work and projected into the booth for the remainder of the exhibition.

an review: exploring what makes Cardiff's g39 tick

Read my latest piece about Wales' leading artist run space g39's recently published catalogue of its first 13 years: It was never going to be straightforward' on an. Follow the below link to the article:


A reckie of The Looking Glass

Gallery at The Looking Glass, Bristol, UK
Preparations are well under way for my next exhibition There's No Time, We Made it Up, curated by Abi Cush (Bristol), presented by The Looking Glass and featuring work from myself and artist Lucy Evetts (London). Abi approached me after hearing about my work through a discussion at Spike Island. Once Abi began formulating ideas for the theme of a show she drew together mine and Lucy's approach to narrative's of time, both past and future. I'm excited to show alongside a painter, and feel that the aesthetics in Lucy's work, such as use of colour, relate strongly to the aesthetic of my current project 'For Future Reference...' It is a delight to work with Abi, who has been a huge support to the development of the first official part of the project since having acquired ACW funding for the work.

Beneath the new bar, which is run by Bristol artists, and NEON studios, is a narrow basement space. We have an interesting challenge on our hands to effectively present large scale paintings and performance alongside each other. As the look and feel of both our practises complement each other well, I feel it is a challenge we will relish.

Info about the show:

Info about the gallery:

Art Cardiff Map- the pink one

For Future Reference... 2013,
Artwork created for Cardiff Art Map April-June

It is an honour to have my work distributed widely on the current quarterly edition of the Cardiff Art Map. The image 'For Future Reference...' was created to illustrate my current body of work.

Download your copy here:

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Palm Project documentation on its way....

Palm Project, many thanks to Catherine Angle
This is a glimpse of my latest piece of work Palm Project. More documentation coming very soon.........

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Television Debut- Pethe Culture show

Dyma lluniau or rhaglen teledu Pethe, sioe dywylliant a chelf aeth allan ar Ebrill 15ed, 2013. Dilynnwch y linc gwaelod i weld y sioe.

Here are images from culture and art show 'Pethe' that went on air on April 15th. I am in conversation with presenter Lisa Gwilym about the art work in Locws International and the importance of art in the public realm. Catch the show by following the link below.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Pethe S4C Mon 15/4/2013. 9.30PM. Channel: S4C

Presenter Lisa Gwylim

I had a great time filming for Welsh Language culture show Pethe last thursday. I enjoyed having the opportunity to talk about public art in response to Locws International in my home town of Swansea. Catch the feature on S4C next Monday at 9:30pm.

Palm Project @ Art carbootique 14/4/2013. 11am-6pm

Palm Project
@Art Carbootique, Chapter Arts Centre. 14/4/2013. 11am-6pm

Become a fortune teller for the day. You are invited to read my palm and predict my future.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Glasgow School of Art

Glasgow School of Art's iconic Renee Mackintosh
I'm pleased to announce that I have been offered a place at Glasgow School of Art to study a Masters in Fine Art studio practice. The course is two years full time and I cant wait to have the opportunity to develop and test my practice alongside a group of peers. I remain very committed to Wales and my Welsh heritage, but am excited by the challenge of setting up my practice in a new cultural surrounding.  Sharing my work, ideas and exhibitions here with you will still be a priority, and a great way to keep you updated with all the activity surrounding my practice.


Mad Month of March

March was a busy and creative month. I travelled the length and breadth of this fair land. Firstly I spent some time in Glasgow where the art activity is lively and exciting. There are a lot of vibrant artist led spaces and galleries, with great programmes. I'm excited to see the Turner Prize go there in 2015. In the same week I had a pit stop in London, before I made the journey all the way down south to Penzance. The travelling was a great way of me preparing for the Wormery reading group session which Newlyn and Exchange Gallery invited me to host. The reading group was a huge success with a great turn out and active discussion about the texts and the exhibition 'The Future is not what it used to be' a co curated show with Exchange, Deborah Smith and Chapter Gallery.
CAZ space Penzance, Cornwall, UK
Whilst there I met up with local artist's Rebecca Weeks (part of CAZ) and Paul Carter (one half of Zierle and Carter). Over the years Ive had the honour of experiencing the work of these inspiring performance artist's as well as show along side them. Being on a national grid of artists means that artist's have the luxury of knowing someone in nearly every city, and never need feel alone. As I am so concerned with the local, both personally and within my work it is useful to see how artist's respond to their location and community. CAZ space is a fantastic basement space that delivers some of the most exciting performance pieces in the UK.