Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A2 Arts Active

The children's bridge structure, created to connect two trees
Bridges, Tim Davies

I am currently delivering a new contemporary art project at a Welsh Primary school in Aberfan, Merthyr on behalf of A2 Arts Active. The year 3 pupils are very creatively engaged thanks to the teaching skills of Mrs Tricker at Ysgol Rhyd Y Grug, who regularly introduces the class to contemporary art works by Welsh and international artists. Before my arrival, the children created a Welsh language poem, which they also have to create the music for to sing in a theatrical presentation at Theatre Soar. In response to their creative writing we will be making an artwork together that will also feature in their theatre presentation. Our first session was fun and action packed. The poem is full of beautiful imagery- boats, bridges and hot air balloons feature heavily. This informed my artistic approach- we considered and discussed Tim Davies' bridges. To my delight, they were able to question the themes within the work without my prompting them. The seven year olds said that it was very odd that the bridges were not connecting anything. When it came to building our own bridge like structure the children were very keen that it should connect one thing to another, so settled on connecting two trees in their yard.
Over the next four weeks the children wish to create a 3D sculpture of a hot air balloon. I look forward to helping them create this.

For more information on A2 Arts Active please follow this link:

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Book Arts Fayre

In Memory of Balloon Girl publication has been selected for Book Arts Fayre at Ffotogallery. This unique event will showcase both national and international artists. I will be sharing a space with writer Briony Goffin (who created the text work for Balloon Girl.) Briony will be creating a participatory written work with the visitors. Samuel Hasler will be presenting his latest publication Radio, and British Racing Green will show their latest publication work.

For information please check Ffotogallery's website:


We are an artist- run reading group and will be curating texts that will complement and expand on the Chapter Gallery programme. For each show we will be selecting excerpts from fiction, poetry and art theory that will enhance the viewing experience of the exhibitions as well as encourage active discussion.

Our launch session takes place on Sunday March 4th 2012 at 3pm at Chapter arts centre. Booking is essential. You can book from Chapter's box office. For copies of the selected texts please contact us on:

Tooth&Clawr is hosted by myself and fellow artist Phil Owen.

Monday, 13 February 2012

The Griffith Library at Dynevor

Sue Griffith' Original Print and the title

A selection of Sue's published texts, including Craig Y Nos 2010

Anglea Maddock, Curator of the exhibition

Adelina Patti Drawings 2010

Art School Library Entrance with new name

Ink drawings of Adelina Patti 2010

Drawings in situ

Women's Language I

Women's Language II

It was such a joy to be present at the opening of the Women’s Language exhibition and the renaming of the library at the Dynevor Centre for Art, Design and Media, both in honour of the inspirational Sue Griffith. I was honoured to be included in such a wonderfully curated group show of artists. Exhibiting drawings that I had made of Adelina Patti was an unusual experience for myself. It was wholly enjoyable as it was easier to be part of the crowd, unlike when making performance or showing film or photographic documentation. It was also a way of me testing the perceptions of my practice, as I am primarily recognised for making performance work.
There was plenty of cake to be had, and the turn out was incredible. Friends, lecturers, past students and present students all came together to celebrate the legacy that Sue left behind- a luscious library full to the brim with wonderful art literature!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


photocredit Liam O'Connor

We have been busy delivering the ARTCARDIFF Map across Cardiff, and posting them elsewhere in the world to let people know what Cardiff is creatively about. You can find them at Chapter Gallery, St. David's Hall, G39, Coffee No.1 Roath and in many other art venues accross the city.
Jan- March 2012 has been guest edited by the lovely Elbow Room, and it features art work by Tom Goddard.
We are a group of artist's who wish to vocalise Cardiff's art activity and put the creative community on the map!
Here are links to the artist's and art groups involved in the creation of this map:

Monday, 6 February 2012

Women's Language: A Celebration

I have been invited to exhibit alongside some great artists in honour of my former lecturer and mentor Sue Griffith, who sadly past away last summer. I am showing ink drawings of the Victorian opera singer Adelina Patti who lived at Craig Y Nos Castle at the head of the Tawe Valleys. Whilst on a residency at the mansion in July 2010, Sue visited regularly as research for the beautiful essay which she wrote for my first publication also titled Craig Y Nos. It is an honour to have known her, let alone have had her write about my work.
I am looking forward to celebrating her life and love of art at this special exhibition which takes place on Wednesday February the 8th, 5pm at the Dynevor Centre for Art, Design and Media.
Exhibiting Artist's are:

Kathryn Ashill, Eva Bartussek, Jane Bennett , Louise Burston, Victoria Coyle, Glenys Cour, Kath Clewett, Sharon Cooper, Tamara Dellutri, Beate Gegenwart, Julia Griffiths Jones, Karen Ingham, Bella Kerr, Denise Kwan, Dalit Leon, Anna Lewis, Andrea Liggins, Edith Maybin, Elizabeth Brickell, Angela Maddock, Linda Nottingham, Eilish O’Donohoe, Anne Price Owen, Erin Rickard, Amanda Roberts, Sarah Hopkins, Sarah Tombs, Ann Jordan, Stephanie Tuckwell, Jenny Vobe -Tancock, Catrin Webster, Angela Williams, Sue Williams, Gemma Copp, Emma Simmonds, Nervous Energy, Sarah Tierney