Sunday, 12 June 2011

Lovebite showing at This Is My Body

The film documentation of Lovebite will be exhibited at Birkbeck College University of London, as part of a conference which explores peoples responses to medical procedure. The show has been curated by the Irish Museum of Contemporary Art and features artists from Ireland and the UK.

Opening Reception Friday, July 1st, 4 – 7pm
Wine reception and music by Les Keye Sunday, July 3, 6pm
Show open 10-5 daily through July 10

For more information please visit:

This is My Body

In Honour of Polly Garter, G39

In Honour of Polly Garter will be a ritualistic performance, which will see me bless the space. This blessing will prepare the site for its new future, whilst honouring its past. I will also remember Polly Garter whilst performing the action outside the Gallerie's main entrance. Poor Polly Garter from Dylan Thomas's Undermilk Wood who has a love of being loved and making babies.


preview 2 July 2011

On 2 July g39 will close its doors on 13 years of history in advance of our imminent relocation. Before that happens we have one last exhibition and one final special event to say goodbye to number 39. Please join us to welcome in the new era.

After 12 years in its three-storey townhouse, g39 as we know it is coming to a momentous end. The organisation must relocate to new premises and the space will be given back. In a parting gesture, we have invited a selection of artists to contribute to a final grand exhibition. They will be making work that marks the end of the building’s use as a cultural hub and a centre for artistic development in Wales.

Over the last twelve years the building has seen extensive renovation work and temporary conversions in order to display artists’ work. Walls and doorways have been built and unbuilt, apertures have been sliced into ceilings and floors, windows have disappeared and reappeared. These conversions are being entirely undone in preparation for our departure. The space is back to its bare, undecorated state. It is this environment that the artists have been invited to work with, and they will be responding to this de-purposed building with a meaningful gesture that marks their time here.
Throughout the duration of exhibition they will contribute to an accumulation of works and ideas, culminating in a final closing event thoughout the day and night on 2 July 2011, the eve of the gallery’s thirteenth anniversary.

This special event will give audiences and artists alike a chance to say one final goodbye to the building, and possibly to announce the latest developments in our relocation.

Long Live the Website!

Finally, after months of lovingly labouring over my website it is complete and ready for you all to see. Building it was a brilliant process in which I had the chance to reflect chronologically on my practice.

Please visit it for context on my artwork- both old and new. It will be regularly updated as I have a lot of exciting projects coming up. However, I will still be a committed blogger as I find addressing people through this direct medium very liberating.