Monday, 21 January 2013

Looking into the Crystal Ball

Firstly I need to wish everyone who has taken a keen interest in my work a Happy New Year. I am humbled by all the support I receive towards my practice.
2013 is set to be another active year of creativity for me. It kicks off with a new Tooth&Clawr reading group session in response to CHAPTER galleries latest exhibition by Joanne Tatham and Tom O'Sullivan: A tool for the making of signs. I have a particular fondness for this show as I was commissioned at the end of last year to make a sound recording for the sculpture. I had to recite an abstract poem by painter and modernist poet David Jones. The poem titled 'The Hunt' is filled with beautiful imagery, and lilts between Welsh language and English. My voice booms from the mouth of the large black and white dragon in the gallery. It makes me smile, as I am so ridiculously Welsh, dragging my cultural identity with me where ever I go. This piece of work takes a humorous look at Welsh National identity.

copyright of Joanne Tatham and Tom O'Sullivan
I am currently working on a piece of work for the ARTCARDIFF map. It is a real honour to have been asked to make a work that will be so largely distributed. The imagery I am making focus' on my current body of work 'For Future Reference...' where I aim to archive my potential, and varying futures by visiting as many psychics as possible. Watch this space for the map artwork.....

I am off on a residential workshop for artists, that will aim to promote discussion about our individual practices. Retreat 2013 takes place in Abersorch in North Wales and I cant wait to meet a variety of nationally based artists and make new friends. I was nominated by Meantime Gallery and residency space in Cheltenham, and I'm very lucky to have the support of Sarah Bowden. Retreat 2013 happens during the second week of February. I will document my experiences and share them here.

I will then be off to Cornwall in March to hold a Wormery event. I will be there as part of Tooth&Clawr and will be offering the texts we read for the last session. CHAPTER galleries last exhibition 'The future's not what it used to be' will be opening at the Cornish Galleries. I will also be presenting my own work offsite, and am generating a lot of exciting ideas for this work.

Newlyn Art Gallery and The Exchange

The first quarter of the year is already looking good, and I am excited by my new projects. In the meantime I will continue to visit the psychics and gather as much clarity as I can about my future.....

Mystic Meg