Monday, 21 October 2013

MONUMENTAL. MFA, Glasgow School of Art. Term 1.

Here is a long overdue update on my practice activity.
Since taking my place on the MFA at Glasgow School of Art it has been a necessity to retreat and rework things. The course is intense and rigorous and is encouraging changes and shifts within my own work. This is a natural result of having 17 new peers with whom I practice alongside daily. Our studio is a hive of activity and we are all very dedicated. The combination of lecturers input is also having a positive effect on the way Ive been doing things. Access to an Art library is gold dust and is also helping me develop my approach.
Glasgow City is buzzing with artistic activity. There are many openings, discussions and events on throughout the week. Its becoming a full time practice in itself, but its so valuable to have all this on my doorstep.
I am working on a two new pieces, and am encouraging a strong sense of community by holding a weekly breakfast meeting. For me this kind of discussion group is at the heart of my studio practice. Over the past five years in Cardiff, UK, I have hosted similar things, but I intend to make it a more concrete aspect of my studio career.
I feel blessed to be studying alongside such dynamic artists from all corners of the globe who are all very committed to their practices.
GSA for life.

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