Thursday, 12 January 2012

An active 2012

An image of the Mari Lwyd. On New Years Day in South Wales the Mari Lwyd is carried from door to door and crosses the threshold of your home to bring good fortune for the year.

Blwyddyn Newydd Da! 2012 is upon us and I am anticipating a busy year of making. I am working on a number of projects and working towards new exhibitions. My first exhibition of the New Year will be at the Swansea school of Art. I am honoured to be included in a show of female artist's in dedication of my former lecturer and friend Sue Griffith, who sadly passed away last July.
At present, Phil Owen (of the reading room, Arnolfini) and myself are working towards launching our new artist lead reading group at Chapter. It will be embedded in the gallery programme, and will run bi monthly. The aim of the group is to provide contextual discourse about the Chapter Gallery programme through a variety of literature, including fiction, poetry and art history texts. We are called Tooth&Clawr, and we are launching our first reading group in early March 2012.
Also in March I will continue my annual St. David's day tradition of creating a new work in honour of our patron saint and Wales. Having this date to focus on as a point for making new work has been a very encouraging process for me. Generating activity for this day has been at the core of making, whilst it also allows me to express the difficulties and delights of Welsh identity. I’m very passionate about the topic for next St. David's day celebration. Without giving too much away I will be performing a ritual that will honour Aneurin Bevan, my political icon who founded the beloved NHS.
This summer I will be busy making work for Adain Avion, which is the Welsh Cultural Olympiad project. My work will be interactive, and will focus on Swansea Market. Being a Swansea Girl (or a Jill as we are known!) I see this as a homecoming, a chance to creatively connect with my birthplace.
During May 2012 I will be undertaking a residency in Harlech with eight other international artists. Our brief is to make a transportable piece of work that fits into a volume limit of 30x60x30cm and will be touring to Poland, Italy and England. It will be a joy to have a communal living/making experience. Being around artist's 24/7 inspires me and allows me the freedom to move creatively.
Here's to a healthy, happy and creative 2012. I look forward to sharing my practice with you. Watch this space........