Wednesday, 23 March 2011


From April 27th-29th I will be creating three new durational works outside the main entrance of Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. ‘A Series of Uncertainties’ is a new body of work, which will aim to articulate my current experiences of having an uncertain future, and the need for security as a young woman entering her late twenties. Perfformiad is a three-day event that will showcase new work by myself, Sam Hasler and Iwan Morgan. The work has been commissioned by ‘What’s Welsh for Performance’ and Chapter Arts Centre.

Please follow the link below for the April issue of the Chapter guide which includes further information about the work.

St.David’s Day Celebration’s

Thanks to all those who took part in my St. David’s day performance. The participants wholeheartedly took part in the welsh language story session. Most of the audience were not Welsh speakers, but I was very impressed with how quickly the adult group began to recognise the repetition in the language patterns, and could repeat the words perfectly. There was singing, the story of St David was told and Miss Ashill introduced the Welsh words ‘Cenhinen’ (Leek) and ‘Cenyn’ (Daffodil). We all enjoyed the bara brith, Welsh Cakes and tea at the Welsh tea party which followed the 20 minute performance.