Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A Sunday Memorial

A large screen illuminated the room, with an image of a girl climbing a Cedar of Lebanon whilst attached to thirty multi coloured balloons. Purple and blue cast a cloud of colour over the audience as they witnessed the video documentation of me leaping from the tree at Cathays Cemetery in July. Sounds of drumming and thudding came from the bright balloons, and echoed through level 3 of St. David’s Hall. This was the day that the Balloon Girl team and myself had been gearing towards for nearly a year. From the moment Id approached a talented filmmaker, writer, photographer and graphic designer with my idea’s and visual aims. We were all extremely proud and I’m so happy to have shared this work with everyone. It has expanded from detailed sketches and notes I made (this is an integral part of the performance process for me) into the live work, and then the film installation and publication.

Thank you to everyone who came along and supported this project.

For more details of the launch, please visit:

Diolch x

Monday, 7 November 2011


I am very excited and nervous about the launch of publication and film installation, which takes place at st.David's Hall in two weeks time. Please join me to celebrate the finale of this project and to witness the film installation of video documentation from the live performance that took place in july of this year.

Please refer to the project blog and facebook page or further details:

An Experimental Autumn

I am so grateful to all the artists who took time and energy to make beautiful artworks for Cardiff and Experimentica 1.1. Discussion and learning were the key ingredients for the weeklong art festival. A strong sense of community developed through the regular breakfast meeting; a chance to eat breckie and talk over the previous days art making. A contextual library became a supportive artist hub, where people could congregate between making and seeing. Sleeping overnight at Chapter Arts Centre was such a fun and unique way to spend time alongside the other artists. During the night we consumed lots of Lambrini, sweets, popcorn and dodgy horror movies. The experience of witnessing the new and exciting work taking place by international artist was overwhelming and inspiring. Thank you to my volunteer team who worked so hard and supported me throughout the festival. Thank you to Cathy Boyce and James Tyson for giving me the opportunity to help shape the festival. Most importantly, a big thank you to the artist’s who showed complete dedication to their work and Experimentica.

A complete archive of the weeks activities is available online at Culture Colony and on the Live Art Live Blog by Random People. Please follow the bellow links for further information:

Green Eyed Monster Documentation

Her green eyed gaze flickered angrily.
Wildly fanning herself to cool down the rage of jealousy.
Jealousy towards the yummy mummies with the promise of family and love,
Jealousy towards the young beautiful ladies promenading along the lagoon,
Jealousy towards loved up couples romancing.
With her fan and her goggles she takes on my fury.
Fury at everything I am not.
Replacing me at my performance post
Exorcising my Green Eyed Monster.

On October 3rd 2011, Nia Metcalfe stood on my behalf at Via Garibaldi and made my performance for me. Nia, who is one part of the public art organisation Elbow Room, curated four artists (Sean Edwards, Mark Gubb, Molly Rooke and myself) to show in Venice whilst she was invigilating for the Welsh Pavilion. The artists were invited to give Nia the project that they wished for her to make on their behalf. Thus blurring the typical roles of artist and curator.
It was difficult for me, as the immediacy and directness I gain from making performance art was lost. On the other hand I have passed on my vision to her, and she created exactly what was in my minds eye.
Having had the performance idea for Green Eyed Monster brewing for a considerable length of time it felt fitting to pass it onto Nia, a trusted friend and someone that I admire creatively.
The performance lasted for three hours. No food or drink was consumed and Nia remained barefoot throughout. These are important rules I follow when making my durational work.
Thank you to Tom Goddard for documenting the work for me.
Id like to thank Nia for taking on the responsibility of making this work for me, and for being brave in inviting people to gaze.