Friday, 23 March 2012


ABANDON SHIP! at Art Car Bootique

ABANDON SHIP! will feature at Art Car Bootique on Sunday 15th of April 2012 between 11am-6pm. This years Art Car Bootique's theme is Britishness, which is a theme I constantly explore throughout my work. In response to this I am creating a drawing installation stall with commemorative drawings of passengers and crew who lost their lives on the Titanic which sank on April 15th 1912, marking the 100th anniversary of the ships sinking on the day of this unique art event. Commemoration is becoming a regular focus within my art practice. History has always inspired me and I feel compelled to look back and honour the past within my work. Memorial is also a very British preoccupation, and this event's date is also close to Palm Sunday- the traditional day for remembering the dead.

A commemorative performance will take place at the stall at 4.30pm.

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Titanic Loss, Kathryn Ashill 2012, ink drawing

My creative focus at present is making new pieces for my solo installation show at Stapleton Rd Tavern in Bristol. The shows title is ABANDON SHIP! and will centre on the Titanic and the sinking of a vessel. I feel that a sinking ship is an apt symbol for Britain's social and political situation, as well as my personal desire to sometimes 'jump ship' and abandon certain situations. As well as commemorating the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic and its loss of life, I am aiming to create a ghostly, sombre, atmospheric installation with the use of lighting and film. I am presenting two new film pieces, a sound piece with text and ink drawings of passengers. This mixture of mediums will work well with in the old tavern at Bristol- with its dilapidated exterior it looks abandoned and unloved, with an ambiguous past and boarded up windows. There is a continuity between the film imagery and the drawings that I am pleased with.

The opening event for ABANDON SHIP! takes place on Thursday April 10th 2012 at 7pm at Stapleton Rd Tavern, Bristol.

ABANDON SHIP! will then be presented at ART CAR BOOTIQUE in Chapter Arts Centre on April 15th 2012 with a performance to mark the 100 years since the Titanic's famous demise.

For further information on this event and the art space please visit:

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Images from Tooth&Clawr Session I 4/3/2012

Thank you to all who attended Tooth&Clawr's first session. It was a joy to be delving into the ideas of Lothar Gotz' exhibition through a wealth of literary references. Thank you to Hannah Firth, curator of Chapter Gallery for encouraging myself and Phil, to pursue this activity. It is inspiring when a curator is willing to open a forum of discussion about their exhibition programme. The whole event left me feeling completely inspired!

I am looking forward to the next session which is planned for May. Date to be announced very soon!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Iechyd Da!

Tonight I will eat cawl with friends and loved ones. I shall think of you Aneurin, raise a glass and drink to the health of the nation. Iechyd Da!

Cymru Ffyddlon

Aneurin Bevan's Shrine

Diolch Aneurin Bevan project, 3.45pm Cardiff 1/3/2012

At 3.45pm my photographs still remained on the marble plinth of Aneurin Bevan's statue. I was touched by watching passers by inspect the photographs and walk off with a smile on their faces. I am glad that I have reminded people of Aneurin's cultural identity. I am pleased that I have reminded people of St. Davids Day.
I place my final offerings, take a quick photograph, and leave the new shrine.

Diolch Aneurin

Offering No. IV: Prescription Medicine

Prescription Medicine

We are very fortunate to receive free prescriptions on the NHS here in Wales. This a massive financial help whilst also remaining at the core of Aneurin Bevan's socialistic ideals. Aneurin would be proud of the Welsh Assembly for maintaining this luxury. In honour of my entitlement to free medicine I offer Aneurin's statue some contraceptive pills, alcohol wipes and paracetamol.

Offering No.III to Aneurin: potted Daffodils

At 3.40pm I arrived in the City Centre to add my next offering to Aneurin's statue. The Daffodil, a symbol of Wales and spring would be my next gift. I remember as I lay the flowers at the foot of the bronze sculpture that I ate a bunch of daffodils in 2010 for 'Gwisg Genhinen'. Daffodils taste like a floral poison. They also have an hallucinogenic quality if over consumed. Not very healthy.

Saviour of My Health

Offering No.II to Aneurin: wearing my Welsh Lady costume for work and play

Traditional Welsh Lady costume at work

I am enduring the sharp scratching itchiness of Welsh wool in Aneurin Bevan's honour. I am immediately transported to my comp school days. As I went to a first language Welsh comprehensive in the Tawe Valleys it was compulsory for us to wear a sea blue and green welsh wool skirt. A sign of our patriotism, the girls would wear this itchy garment as a traditional symbol, akin to a kilt, displaying exactly who you belonged to.

The upside of this school skirt: It would shrink and you could write quotes for exams on the lining

The downside of this school skirt: It would shrink

This traditional Welsh costume was originally a bed coat worn over a petticoat, with an apron tied over it. It became popular in the Welsh rural areas in the 1700's. The ladies of Wales took a fancy to the tall hats favoured by English gentlemen and decided to adopt it as part of their dress. This was worn over a lace mop cap.

Ive lost my hat this year.

I enjoy the idea of the Welsh women not understanding that these hats were gender specific. This costume also features heavily in the Rebbecca Riots of 1800's, where groups of men, dressed in women's clothing would attack tollbooths in protest of the high cost to cross into different Welsh counties. I feel that Aneurin would have approved of such activity as he was an active leader of the trade Unions before joining Parliament.

Watchmans Post

Welsh Memorabilia Stall 1/3/2012

Fleur de lis of white iris' outside Cardiff Castle

At 9.45am this morning Aneurin overlooked a Welsh memorabilia stall, selling leeks, daffs, the yellow cross of St.David and Welsh Flags. The castle is Aneurin's main view. This St.David's Day the Welsh capitols castle disappeared beneath a thick veil of fog.


Offering No.I to Aneurin, A personal history of Traditional Welsh Costume

Offering No.I left for Aneurin at 9.30am 1/3/2012

Close up of Offering No. I

Close up of Offering No.I

St. David's Day 1993

St. David's 1987

St David's Day 1991

St. David's Day 1987

St David's Day 1991

St David's Day 1990

My first offering to the statue of Aneurin Bevan at the top of Queen Street, Cardiff, will be a selection of family images of myself, my sister, brother and classmates, dressed for St. David's Day celebrations. It is a tradition which is still upheld in all schools across Wales. Through my involvement in Welsh language education over the past three years, I too have regularly wore my Welsh Lady Costume. I was sent one by my father after my controversial performance in 2010 'Gwisg Cenhinen'. It is a vintage, handmade Welsh Wool Costume that he was given by a lady in Glynneath.

Diolch Aneurin Project

Diolch Aneurin Project, Kathryn Ashill 2012

This St. David's Day I have turned my attentions to the Welsh founder of the NHS; Aneurin Bevan. As changes to reform the National Health Service are being considered through the House of Lords and the Commons, it seems fitting to offer a tribute to one of my political idols.

Convinced of ideas of Socialism, and having first hand experience of poverty and disease, Aneurin left his hometown of Tredegar and became one of the most important ministers of the post-war Labour government. In 1945, Bevan was appointed Health Minister. On July 5th 1948 the National Health Service was born, offering free medical assistance to all in the United Kingdom.

Diolch Aneurin Project (Thank You Aneurin Project) 2012
On the day that we remember the patron St of Wales, I would like to also remember the patron St of British Health. Please follow my blog for today as I attempt to honour Aneurin Bevan through rituals and traditional Welsh costume.

Dydd Gwŷl Dewi hapus i bawb! (Happy St. David's day to all!)