Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A2 Arts Active

The children's bridge structure, created to connect two trees
Bridges, Tim Davies

I am currently delivering a new contemporary art project at a Welsh Primary school in Aberfan, Merthyr on behalf of A2 Arts Active. The year 3 pupils are very creatively engaged thanks to the teaching skills of Mrs Tricker at Ysgol Rhyd Y Grug, who regularly introduces the class to contemporary art works by Welsh and international artists. Before my arrival, the children created a Welsh language poem, which they also have to create the music for to sing in a theatrical presentation at Theatre Soar. In response to their creative writing we will be making an artwork together that will also feature in their theatre presentation. Our first session was fun and action packed. The poem is full of beautiful imagery- boats, bridges and hot air balloons feature heavily. This informed my artistic approach- we considered and discussed Tim Davies' bridges. To my delight, they were able to question the themes within the work without my prompting them. The seven year olds said that it was very odd that the bridges were not connecting anything. When it came to building our own bridge like structure the children were very keen that it should connect one thing to another, so settled on connecting two trees in their yard.
Over the next four weeks the children wish to create a 3D sculpture of a hot air balloon. I look forward to helping them create this.

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