Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Cathy Gordon

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Tooth&Clawr will feature as part of BACKWARDS THINKING. Sam Hasler and I will be hosting this months event and have got some juicy texts for you. Along the themes of Unseen we have selected Ian McEwan's short story 'Solid Geometry', and an interview titled 'Screenwriters On Screenwriting'.
We wish our usual T&C host Phil Owen luck with his performance for EXPERIMENTICA, and look forward to welcoming him back for the next session soon (date TBC).

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Backwards Thinking@ EXPERIMENTICA 2012: Unseen/Anweledig

As part of Experimentica festival this year Sam Hasler and I are organising a set of events that are specifically aimed at engagement and contextualisation. This includes a festival hub and reading area, large blackboards with information and responses, text in the festival brochure and  discussion events.

The whole set of events is framed under a title of 'Backwards Thinking'. This is a light joke about philistinism, an encouragement to 'reflect' and also to start from a clean slate. Not to suppose we already know everything about performance art or such things. This title has also provided us a little amount of space to play with mirror writing and role reversals.

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Monday, 12 November 2012

BARN Magazine Article November 2012

Journalist Lowri Haf Cooke has written a very well informed article about the work I made in New York a month ago. Lowri travelled the whole way to witness the new performance piece and research my residency at Flux Factory. The article explores my own ideas on my new body of work 'For Future Reference...' whilst also touching on Lowri's own perspective on what took place during the performance in NYC. I am grateful to Lowri and BARN for daring to write so intelligently about contemporary performance art from Wales.

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Images of Mother Time (a Momento Mori) performance @ Artes Mundi

Photo Credit: Melissa Hinkin
Duration of performance: 20mins
Action: Close eyes. Hold a travel clock in each palm. Count from 1-600 in Welsh.

The performance Mother Time took place on November the 1st at Teresa Margolles' installation in the National Museum of Wales. My work was created in direct response to the themes of death, time and memorial in the Mexican artists work. I shut my eyes and focused on the difficulty of reaching high numbers in my native tongue. I had imagined beforehand that as it was a simple and durational action that the audience would move around, leave and return. Once I reached 600, I opened my eyes and was shocked that everyone had stayed with me, patiently waiting for me to reach my goal. I ended the performance by approaching each audience member, handing them a drawing, and whispering 'momento mori (remember you will die) in their ear.
This performance has been filmed by artist Matt Cook, and it will be shown at the Critical Mass Symposium at the museum in December. Watch this space!