Monday, 7 November 2011

An Experimental Autumn

I am so grateful to all the artists who took time and energy to make beautiful artworks for Cardiff and Experimentica 1.1. Discussion and learning were the key ingredients for the weeklong art festival. A strong sense of community developed through the regular breakfast meeting; a chance to eat breckie and talk over the previous days art making. A contextual library became a supportive artist hub, where people could congregate between making and seeing. Sleeping overnight at Chapter Arts Centre was such a fun and unique way to spend time alongside the other artists. During the night we consumed lots of Lambrini, sweets, popcorn and dodgy horror movies. The experience of witnessing the new and exciting work taking place by international artist was overwhelming and inspiring. Thank you to my volunteer team who worked so hard and supported me throughout the festival. Thank you to Cathy Boyce and James Tyson for giving me the opportunity to help shape the festival. Most importantly, a big thank you to the artist’s who showed complete dedication to their work and Experimentica.

A complete archive of the weeks activities is available online at Culture Colony and on the Live Art Live Blog by Random People. Please follow the bellow links for further information:

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