Friday, 22 July 2011

In Honour of Polly Garter Images

The images of the performance In Honour of Polly Garter, created specifically for the G39 closing event on July 2nd 2011 take you through a series of simple rituals I performed. The pictures were taken by Maura Hazelden, (aka Fflo Fflach), who happened to be observing the performance that day.

The piece began by myself sweeping and scrubbing the pavement in front of the gallery. The smell of the Dettol disinfectant used was intoxicating as I carried out this task. For me the connotations of motherhood, grazed knees and nursing are very strongly linked to the amber coloured disinfectant. After discarding the dirty water, I proceeded to hang a bunch of bright yellow roses above the threshold. Yellow roses are given as a sign of friendship, but more relevant to this work, are also given as a fond farewell. Early that morning I had used two urine sample pots to piss in. It was brightly coloured early morning pee, made stronger by the salty Chinese curry Id eaten the night before. Marked on the urine samples was “Hwyl Fawr G39’.

I blessed the doorstep by unscrewing the caps off the sample bottles, releasing the urine, and gestured to piss like the drunken men who regularly do this on a boozy Mill Lane night out.

The performance ended with me pulling my garter down which had the front door key on it, and opening the space for the crowd to enter.

G39’s threshold was officially blessed.

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