Sunday, 20 May 2018


Performance slide show.
Duration: 15-20mins

6.04.2018 The British Society for the History of Science PG conference, UoM

This work is an autobiographical account of cohabiting with a variety of species as pets. 'Housemate' is a spoken word performance that is an attempt to locate myself subjectively within the arena, and discourse surrounding the interactions between human animals and non-human animals in the domestic space. The work also delves into the therapeutic functions that animals and pets play in the everyday.
Housemates was created in direct response to Bruno Latour’s call for a subjective exploration of science and the creation of a new genre- the scientific fable.
The text is a combination of pop songs, which reference the love of pets and the human/animal relationship, personal history and the recalling of sounds, or the voice of my dead pets.

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