Saturday, 21 April 2012

Abandon Ship Exhibition Documentation

Lost with Vessel Drawings
Portraits of Jack Phillips, Cpt Edward John Smith and Wally Heart
Ink drawing

Lost With Vessel, Video Installation
Life Jacket
Fabric, paper
Ink Drawing

Last Supper
Food installation

Farewell Port, Video Installation

Farewell Port

After a busy start to April it is a pleasure for me to share the fruits of my labour with you. Here are some installation shots of my work at Stapleton Road Tavern, Bristol. The opening was fantastic- people feasted on samples of the 2nd class and 3rd class passenger menu for the fateful eve of April 14th 1912. The debris from the feasting added to the sense that the space had been abandoned in haste. The noise of the ships leaving port in Farewell Port echoed throughout the space, whilst Captain Edward John Smith appearing to be confused and distressed in Lost With Vessel loomed over us in the main bar area.

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