Wednesday, 26 June 2013

MEANTIME Residency: Weeks 2&3 Discovering I was a Witch

Tarot Reading with Dayle Antonius
Print trials of drawings
Print trials of drawings

Psychic Toni Hunt's shop Spellbound in Gloucester
Gloucester Cathedral
Gloucester Catherdral
A gift from Elaine- a visitor to MEANTIME space


Since my last update on the residency I have encountered three more psychics, and three new versions of my future. It is fair to say that having consulted these people on my future has made me lose my balance with the present- it leads to you reassessing everything around you.
My second visit was to a lady called Dayle Antonius, who doesn't normally take readings unless you have been passed on. Fortunately my previous psychic (Maureen) had put me in touch. As I arrived to her house on a quiet Cheltenham culdi-sac she was waiting at her door to flag me down. This made me less nervous. Entering a strangers living room for such an odd reason is very nerve wracking. It became obvious that Dayle too was very nervous, almost frightened of what she may predict, 'My mother didn't like me very much as I was her truthful child. I would make predictions about my family and it would frighten them'. Her deck of the Old Path tarot were placed in my hands and I was told to transmit energy to them. She began laying the cards out in a pattern. Dayle seemed really pleased with the hand Id been dealt- particularly the Queen of cups for a great love life, and the ace of cups for luck, spiritual journey. The images were used by Dayle to predict what was coming, and in terms of my upcoming move, current relationship and life, I must admit she was pretty accurate. Things turned strange when a spirit tried to get in touch with me: "Jack has a message for you from the other side: he says you must get in the boat, and row with the water- not against it." After Maureen's prediction of me having to put my oars in the boat and go with the flow, I was slightly shaken by this repetition. Could it be a familiar term used b psychics? Or is Jack always with me?
The third week was draining as I realised if I wanted to make large prints of the documentational drawings on time I would have to see two psychics in one week. I went to a witch shop in Gloucester. This olde worlde looking shop sat right beside the Cathedral. A pagan stand off- it seemed like a protest. Lesley was psychic number three, a blonde Aussie who seemed surprised that I wanted two readings in one week (probably as it costs so much!) "I work with the Angels", she said, "and I can tell you that your very angelic". Not only does Lesley work with the Angles, she also works with Aura's and Tarot. It felt as though I was bamboozled with pagan rituals. Our parting left me very confused: "Kathryn I feel that you need to sort your past life out, it is affecting your future... I feel that you were definitely a witch". It only felt right for me to cross the road and sit in the Cathedral a bit to gather my thoughts and write the session down before I forgot her predictions.
My final psychic experience took place two days later with Gloucester's famous psychic Toni Hunt. I was ushered into the familiar back 'psychic' room, and Toni began. Her face was covered in a dragon tattoo and she wore fake medieval clothes. She spoke too much about my past for my liking: "You are an old soul. You were an ancient Egyptian and you were present in medieval times". I am concerned with my future not my past. Once she got into my future it seemed optimistic, exciting and the kind of life I want. I was outed as a Witch again: 'You are psychic and you can perform readings. You're a witch, when we see one of our own kind we can sense it immediately". My knee jerk reaction was to run to the Cathedral.

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