Thursday, 13 September 2012

Blue Period, Farewell Cardiff

Blue Period

Rehearsal time with the Chad Dembski (left) and Dustin Harvey aka Secret theatre

Blue Period and Farewell Cardiff installation at Chapters Stiwdio

'Blue Period' is a new performance work I have developed to exist within the parameters of secret theatre's Farewell to Cardiff. When the Canadian duo, Chad Dembski and Dustin Harvey approached me to be a part of the theatre work I began thinking about what I would like to say goodbye to, what do I identify as being important to lament or bid a fond farewell to. Living in Splott I have recently seen lots of banners in shop windows, front room windows protesting at Cardiff City football clubs decision to change the team strip. 'Keep Cardiff Blue' is plastered across the city. Sadly, the voices of the supporters has not been listened to and the change from the iconic Bluebird strip into a red one has begun. As a Swan, I cannot comprehend abandoning the black and white strip and familiar black Swans. An emblem, much like the Bluebird for native Cardiffians, that reminds me of home, where I come from, and who I belong to.
Through ritual and action I will say Farewell to the BLUEBIRD..............

Farewell Cardiff takes place on Friday 14th and Saturday the 15th of September 2012 at 8pm, Chapter Arts Centre.
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